Welcome to localhost.tv - saving developers' time since 2013.

Tired of editing your hosts-file or running a local DNS server, just to access the projects running on your local webserver? Not any more!

Just make your local web server provide your projects as example.localhost.tv, and point your browser to that hostname. If you need help configuring your local web server, use google or ask someone.

All subdomains on *.localhost.tv (except www) points to (or 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 for IPv6).

Any donation will be appreciated and helps covering the costs of running this server and renewing the domain. I'll guarantee that any subdomain of localhost.tv (except www) will point at your localhost, as long as the annual costs are covered by the banners and donations on this page.

This site is made by Esben von Buchwald because I was tired of obscure DNS setups, and because i was wondering why not a single of the existing 85 localhost.* domains were providing this service.